Flow Cytometry


FCS Filter  v.1.0.4

FCS Filter is an utility for filtering flow cytometry (FCS) data files.

Flow Investigation using N-Dimensions  v.0.3.1

Flow Investigation using N-Dimensions (FIND) is a software designed for analysis and visualization of Flow Cytometry data. FIND focuses specifically on automated population discovery (clustering) methods.


FlowJo  v.7. 2. 2004

FlowJo is the Swiss army knife of Flow Cytometric analysis programs. It contains tools for all of the jobs you need to easily and efficiently perform any type of data analysis from start to finish.

FCS Express  v.3.0.821

FCS Express 4 Plus combines all the features of FCS Express 4 Flow Cytometry and FCS Express 4 Image Cytometry in a single package at a discounted price.

GemStone  v.

GemStone is a revolutionary new paradigm for analysis of high-dimensional, flow cytometry data.

Cyflogic  v.1.2.1

Flow cytometry data analysis made easy. Cyflogic offer users a flow cytometry data analysis software. Its designed to offer you all the "regular" analysis abilities, such as dot plot, histogram and

FCS Cytopro  v.11 r3

Flow Cytometry Medical Analysis. FCS Cytopro will help your company or laboratory perform flow cytometry analysis with data obtained from various manufacturers of flow cytometers and cell sorters.

ListMode Data Converter  v.0.8.0206 Alpha

Data File Standard for Flow Cytometry conversion made easy. ListMode Data Converter performs conversion between files conforming to the Data File Standard for Flow Cytometry ( FCS) and the Network Common Data Form ( NetCDF);

FCAP Array  v.2.0.0103

FCAP Array is a powerful, scientific analysis software designed for Cytometric Bead Array (CBA) data. The software contains tools for all of the jobs you need to easily and efficiently perform CBA data analysis from start to finish.

TestDNA  v.1.0

Create FCS histograms with this program. TestDNA help you generate FCS histograms of cell cycle data with known component values.

FCS File Mixer  v.1.0

Merge FCS listmode files with this tool. FCS File Mixer enable you to merge 2 or more FCS listmode files into a new,

XFILES  v.1.0

Edit FCS file keywords with this tool. XFILES help you change sensitive keywords in an FCS file to remove patient information. The FCS file is a binary file that contains a number of non-ASCII text characters with make it dificult for users to view /

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